Falling Star

by Carolina Brown

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released September 8, 2019

Vocals, guitar, stomp-box, lyrics by Carolina Brown

All songs by Carolina Brown, except "Un Muerto", "El Paraíso" by Carolina Brown & b Schmidt at blue i music

Recorded by Guillermo Subauste at Pacha Sound

Mixed and Mastered by Michael Evans at Annex Audio Studios

Photo by Alex Usquiano


all rights reserved



Carolina Brown Toronto, Ontario

We offer peace and harmony, we fight with love and wisdom. Nonbinary Transgender Brown Queer Experimental Ambient Post-Rock Performance Artist.

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Track Name: Viento
Dónde estás?
Dónde estoy?
Dime como descubrir donde voy
Quién es quien te impulsa y te da dirección?

Yo no sé la razón
Que te mueve a llenar mi interior
Yo te doy las gracias con el corazón.

Yo quiero saber
Si en tu esencia está envejecer
Tal vez eres joven y viejo también

Pisadas detrás
Sobre de ellas viaja una vez más
Viaja por las mías y las que vendrán

En ti no existe mal
Dime donde encontrar la verdad
Que me haga lograr sobre ti caminar

Elévame lejos de aquí

A veces escucho fuerte porque no sé lo que estoy escuchando
Intento tener más paciencia porque sé lo que estoy esperando
Quisiera ser más humilde porque me preocupa que esté humillando
Escribí está canción para mis ancestros
Antes de partir del Sur porque los estoy buscando
Track Name: Wounded Healer
I opened my eyes
It was wet and dark
I felt so anxious and started to cry
I kicked the walls of that cave
And around a voice was singing to calm me down

I heard more voices
Excited to be expecting something that I could not see
I was so curious
I didn't want to miss out
It might hurt a little
Time to get out

Who are these people?
They are looking at me
What are they saying?
I can hardly breath
They think they know me
But that's not what I'm called
Why do they want me to carry this rock?
Track Name: Un Muerto
En este día
El segundo de este mes
He regresado a tomar lo que me toca
Hay cempasúchil
Hay atole y mucho pan
Pero no hay nadie que me venga a saludar

Yo necesito saber si alguien me ha conocido
Porque he olvidado mi rostro y mi nombre
Le pregunto a la gente y sólo me responde...

Las veladoras y el aroma del copal me tranquilizan
Me hacen sentir relajado
Fotografías y cosas de uso personal
No encuentro nada que parezca familiar

Yo necesito saber si alguien me ha conocido
Porque he olvidado lo que es ser un hombre
Le pregunto a la gente y sólo me responde...

No sé como fue
Como terminé aquí
Como fue que cave mi tumba
Yo necesito saber
Le pregunto a la gente y solo me responde...

Que yo ya no soy de aquí
Ya no soy recibido
Que soy un muerto
Que vaya a mi tumba
Que me quede allí
Y por favor que no vuelva jamás
Que soy un muerto
Track Name: Power
Long ago
I was told
Be a man
Let them see your power

I was young
Really strong
Like a man I let them see my power

They were wrong
Really wrong
I'm no man
I'm not a man

The enby and the agender
The Two-Spirit and transgender
All my friends without a gender
Let them see your power

Show them the power in you
Track Name: Falling Star
My mother said
One day you'll be old
You'll leave the house
You'll travel the world
My father said
The things you will see
Remember child
Be the best you can be

And now I'm grown
I live on my own
I've learned a lot
From the things I've been shown
I thought I had paid my dues
I probably owe
I wish I could understand
All the things that I know

There are no rules
For winning this game
You try so hard
You are going nowhere
No matter how good you are
One day you'll be gone
One moment you are there to shine
The next moment you fall

Falling star
What are we worth?
Here on this Earth
We don't know who we are

Falling star
What are we worth?
Here on this earth I'm a falling star
Track Name: White Jesus
If you are here to hurt me
Hurt me
If you are here to slap me
Slap me
If you are to insult me
Insult me
If you are here to stab me
Stab me

Cause you might not know it but you have been sent
Whatever the reason get on with it then

You say you care about my soul and my face
But I think you are just being facetious
Hundreds of bitches come to tell me the lies
They were told by white Jesus

I am protected by my Creator
You are just a bator
You are just a traitor
You might be a dog but I'm an alligator
If I'm going to die just make it quick or see you later
Cause I got more important things to do
Track Name: Thank You
For all the times I was in pain
The times they said
Give it up, you can't, don't try, it's all in vain
I was scared
I didn't know I could survive
It was hard to see me make it on my own

For all the times you judged my looks
I wasn't real till you learned of my existence in your books
A part of me has died alone
Another born
It's the part I had been always looking for

I've been to places so many dream
Saw many faces full of joy and happiness to hear me sing
I've fallen down so many times
But I got up just to let you know you couldn't bring me down

Thank you
Thank you
I said thank you
Thank you
Thanks to you now I know how strong I am

I'm stronger
I'm beautiful
Can you see?
It's so magical
Track Name: The Fool
I can see you tonight
I'd like to be honest and tell you the truth
I'm not the fool
You tell me be free
Then you judge me for making my dreams come true

Run as fast as you can
Time is running out
You gotta face the truth
I'm not the fool
You traded the dreams of your youth
For comfort and looking cool

Living in a moment
Is exciting and you know it
It will only last a minute
It will kill you
Do it while you can

You are bored and sad
You don't wanna go home yet
All you can think of is getting drunk and laid
You feel so lonely at home
It freaks you out
You wanna be a headliner but you are still so full of doubt

I'm not the fool
Track Name: Mold
Cause I love you more than my own life
Just to look at you I want to be alive
Till I turn a thousand years old
Till my dreams have turned back into mold
Track Name: Sunday
I almost killed myself on Sunday
I didn't see the point in living anymore
I went to see my friends on Sunday
They gather at a place I always feel at home

They said
Hello, my friend
You look sad
Let me cheer you up
We will sing
We will dance
We will talk of the past

I almost killed myself on Sunday
And here I was with my new looks and my new name
I went to say goodbye on Sunday
But suddenly my pain was gone, as was my shame

Time's easy to get by
When we have people by our side
We can sing
We can dance and forget what has passed

Sometimes I see my world is shrinking
And my life is getting really out of hand
But then I hear you say you love me
And I feel much better when you hold my hand

I want to show you I am
Cause if you know me you'll know I do the things you do
I laugh, I cry, I dream
I hope to find a home
In other words I'm just like you

I almost killed myself on Sunday
But then I heard a voice screaming in my mind
It feels good
It feels good
It feels good
It feels good to be alive

I almost killed myself on Sunday
I'm glad I'm here to see you
Once again
Track Name: El Paraíso
Todo parece estar bien aquí en el paraíso
El sol
Árboles y plantas
Todo lo que él hizo
El fuego y los animales son un monumento a la perfección
Todo parece estar bien aquí en el paraíso

Recuerdo que fui creado con polvo aquel día
Recuerdo que estaba solo y quería compañía
Recuerdo que igual del polvo naciste y al verte fui muy feliz
Recuerdo cuando te fuiste a buscar otra vida

Es verdad que tenía miedo y que estaba nervioso
Incluso puedo aceptar el sentirme celoso
Porque eres más fuerte y más inteligente
Lo que siempre quise ser
Es verdad que tenía miedo y que estaba nervioso

Y ahora que no estás aquí tengo otra compañera
Nadie me ha querido tanto como lo ha hecho ella
Es buena
Es leal
Es bastante normal
Pero no es como tú

Vuelve al paraíso
Ó ayúdame a escapar de aquí
Enséñame el nombre escondido
Que quiero escapar al infierno contigo
Que quiero ser como tú
Sin ti no vale la pena aquí en el paraíso

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